Dear the officer in charge,

Here is the explanation of why I want to study in Canada and how
such study relates to my future.

I have worked as a xxxx xxxxxxxx for xx years in Japan. Now
I have some plans to participate in voluntary activities in
other countries where my career will help the xxxx xxxxxx there.

Although I have got some reading skills through my profession,
it is still very hard for me to communicate with foreign people
in English. So it is essential for my next step of life to
improve my English abilities, especially in hearing and speaking.

There are some reasons why I selected Canada as a place to study

First of all, I love this country and people there. Every time
I made holiday trip to Canada since 19xx, they welcomed me much
and I could enjoy my stay in local towns as well as in big cities.

Secondly, I have some friends who have studied in Canada before.
They all told me that I should stay longer and study English there.

Thirdly, I am interested in culture of Canadian native people.

And finally, Canada is a safe place for Asian students because
there seems be much more respect to foreign people and cultures
than in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom
and Australia.

I sincerely hope you will give me the opportunity to study in
your country.

Thank you.



                                                            XXXX XXXXX.