Subject: Arrival date and flight
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:12:22 +0900
From: Xxxxx XXXX <>

Dear Xxxxx Xxxx,

I am sorry for being late to tell you my arrival schedule.
My flight reservation had been (at last) confirmed last week.

I will arrive at Fort St. John airport
 - on 14 April 2001 (Saturday)
 - via the Air Canada flight AC xxxx (arrives at x:xx p.m.)

Would you please forward this schedule to Ms. Xxxxx Xxxxxx ?

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Xxxxx XXXX
Phone and Fax: +81-xxx-xx-xxxx

P. S. 

One tiny question about your e-mail address...

In your signature it says "e-mail:", 
but when I reply to your mail the "To:" field appears as 

I am afraid either of these two is incorrect.... :-)